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Kencono Series - Two-Tier Tiffin Carrier


This holiday season, indulge in the delight of our meticulously crafted Tiffin Carrier. Not just a container, it's a masterpiece of convenience and style. Embrace tradition and savor your favorite dishes with flair. Elevate your festive feasts with the perfect companion, ensuring your food is as memorable as the occasion itself

Premium Tiffin
201 Food safe stainless steel grade

Standard Tiffin
410 Food safe stainless steel grade

Small Premium
Height: 24.5 cm
Diameter: 11 cm
Each tier height: 5.5 cm
Weight: 750 gsm

Medium Premium
Height: 26 cm
Diameter: 13.5 cm
Each tier height: 5.8 cm
Weight: 900 gsm

Small Standard
Height: 23 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Each tier height: 5 cm
Weight: 560 gsm

Medium Standard
Height: 25 cm
Diameter: 14 cm
Each tier height: 5.5 cm
Weight: 750 gsm

NOTE : Please give 5-10% allowance for Size Differences due to production variances

Please do not use in microwave.

**Sizes of items listed in descriptions are approximate and are measured as the overall width laying down flat, please allow 1-3CM differences.

Due to variation in color settings and qualities of phone/tablet/computer screens, it is unavoidable that colors will appear differently for everyone. The colors in photos and named descriptors are subjective, approximate, and may vary